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Preschool San Fernando Valley

Our Curriculum

In addition to our comprehensive academic curriculum which covers all early literacy and math skills we offer Mother Goose Time - a professioaltnally designed  thematic preschool curriculum that nurtures the whole child and supports the child's social, emotional and intellectual growth, covering social studies and science subjects. Each month our curriculum has a focus theme. These engaging themes allow children to play, explore and learn about different concepts in their expanding lives. Mother Goose Time inspires children to dig deep and explore their 5 senses in all new ways. Each theme has focus colors, shapes, numbers and letters of the month. Plus, each theme features a different music genre in our exclusive integrated music & movement program.




       2013/2014 Academic Year Themes

                     September 2013


          Me and My Family

Start the year off by creating a safe and welcoming learning environment! This theme helps children understand how they relate to the various communities to which they belong. The more they know themselves, their feelings, their family and their school, the better they will understand how to care and show the same kindness to others.



 October 2013 

          Spooky, Creepy, Crawly !!!


Spend this month with us crafting ghosts and spiders and getting ready for our annual Halloween Fashion Show.         


              November 2013

          Down on the Farm


This fall from sunrise to sunset, your child will love participating in the art and science of life on a farm. Ride a tractor, grow crops, and milk a cow. Harvest seeds of learning in this wonderful theme.

                 December 2013

         Winter in the Woods



Warm up with this cozy theme. Winter helps us understand how nature changes throughout the year. By learning about trees and the animals that live in them, children can see how nature adapts to the seasonal changes. Greet hedgehogs, owls, reindeers and mice. Snuggle up by the fire and journal about your special winter memories.


              January 2014

                Baby Animals



New year, new life. Children will ohh and ahh over this adorable theme filled with baby bears, monkeys, and a joey. Children will explore how babies are carried, how they stay safe and how they play. Celebrate growing and changing as children also think about how they will grow up this coming year.


          February 2014

              Nursery Rhymes


Take a leap into literacy as we climb inside the most beloved nursery rhymes. Meet Little Boy Blue, Old King Cole and other characters as they jump from the pages and into your heart. Build problem-solving skills while trying to put Humpty together again. Learn about the Crooked Man and draw a crooked house. Practice counting, sorting and rhythm as you delve into the rhymes that have stood the test of time.          


     March 2014

     Explore the Pond


Pack a picnic and meet us at the pond for a month of learning about frogs, ducks, fish, nails and turtles. Become scientists and build a pond habitat. Paint with muck, relax on a lily pad and count dragonflies as you enjoy observing how the pond changes throughout the seasons.

          April 2014

      Birds and Eggs



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly like a bird? Soar into this month’s theme with your own set of wings, beak and bird feet. Birds have migrated and returned to their nesting grounds by this time of year. Test out your bird watcher skills and follow bird tracks to find a rainbow of colors: blue jays, red robins, yellow hummingbirds and white bald eagle. Transform your room into a nest of learning.

        May 2013

   Bugs and Crawly Things



Creep and crawl with ladybugs, butterflies and spiders. Hunt for camouflaged leaf insects and a praying mantis. Learn about the parts of an insect. Wiggle with a worm and weave a web of letters and numbers during this exciting bug theme.

                                 Summer Camp 2014

                                    Treasure Island



Jump off the boat onto the island of learning. Play on the beach, build sand castles and follow a treasure map. Experience the natural wonders of volcanoes, waterfalls, caves and palm trees. End your school year with a luau celebration and dance to island music until the sun sets on a great year.